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Why We all Love Scotty Cameron Putters? -

If you ask me which golf putter is the most famous and popular, I would no doubt recommend Titleist Scotty Cameron putters. Actually, not only me, I know that most golf players would prefer to use scotty cameron putters than others. Putter is not like other cheap golf clubs australia which is the final club you need to use to put the ball into the hole. So, to choose a good putter is very essential to your golf putting and the whole game.

However, this does not mean other Titleist golf clubs are not goods. I also like Titleist drivers and irons. Titleist has announced the launch of a new range of Scotty Cameron Newport M2 Mallet Putter Australia. They come in modern blade, mid mallet and mallet models which deliver tour-proven performance with a new Silver Mist finish.

Titleist scotty cameron team are always focussed on one simp goal: designing and producing the finest putters in the world. The new Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putter Australia takes us to the next level of performance and pure putting confidence. We’re continually experimenting with new designs, new materials and new technologies. We make sure there is complete harmony between how the putter looks, sounds and feels.

Since I got the putter I have been draining shots left and right. It's very amazing like the Titleist AP2 and Titleist AP1 Irons Australia. Whether you prefer a horizontal or vertical sight line, the crisscross makes it easier to square the face, putting your eyes in the right position to execute a proper arcing stroke. If you set the putter too far forward, the crisscross will make the face appear closed.

The new Scotty Cameron Newport M1 Mallet Putter Australia is is precision milled and shaped to give the look, feel, sound and balance that Cameron believes the world's best players are looking for. By shortening the neck, the shaft axis also comes more toward the heel, which creates more toe flow for more of a swinging gate versus the more mechanical look of a plumbing neck.

Scotty Cameron nails sound and feel better than anyone else. If you put it too far back, it will look open. Alignment is more and more becoming the talk of the tour, and the feedback out there has been fantastic. Wish it had a white or silver alignment aid.

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